CosMedix, Aspect Dr & Societe are all professional medical skin care ranges, also known as cosmeceuticals, which use clinically validated actives that excel in the visible management of prematurely aged skin, discolorations, imperfections and delicate skins.

Our ranges cater for all ages and skin types.

These Chorally Correct Ranges are also:

  • FREE of propylene glycol
  • FREE of mineral oil and petrolatum
  • FREE of parabens
  • FREE of artificial fragrances
  • FREE of animal derived ingredients
  • FREE of SLS and other harsh surfactants

CosMedix Airless Pumps:



What is diversion?

Diverted products come from unauthorized distributors and individuals. Products purchased outside of the CosMedix professional channel are coming from unknown sources that are not a part of the authorized chain of distribution.

What are the dangers of diversion?

Diverted products may be counterfeit, diluted or old, expired formulas that may cause irritation or even infection. Bottom line: they may not be safe to use.

What is CosMedix doing to fight diversion?

CosMedix combats diversion through intelligence and investigative procedures that uncover offenders and their tactics–including the misuse of internet e-commerce sites. They regularly monitor suspected diverters, and utilize tracking systems to trace diverted products back to their original source.

How can I ensure I'm not purchasing diverted products?

CosMedix products are ONLY sold through authorized professional partners, NEVER via clubs or mass merchants. Our professional partners have been specially trained to recommend products and treatments based on your skin’s needs.

Unauthorized Sites

Diverters often sell their products through online retailers. Products purchased on these sites may be expired, contaminated or counterfeit. CosMedix cannot guarantee their quality or authenticity and assumes no responsibility for them.

Support the Anti-diversion Campaign

Only buy products from authorized CosMedix professional partners. If you suspect that a retailer or website is diverting or retailing diverted CosMedix products, call
1-800-COSMEDIX or e-mail the information to

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