For Permanent Hair Reduction our clinic offers Medical Grade Class 4 Lasers & Advanced Medical IPL Technologies.

The ALEXANDRITE laser is used for laser hair removal for hair on fairer skin types. The 755nm wavelength has a high attraction to the melanin (pigment) in the hair bulb. This causes selective destruction and is more effective than other lasers in fair skin.

The DIODE Laser with a wavelength of 810nm with its high power, fast delivery and integrated patient cooling system makes it the choice for all skin types.

Our clinic also offers a QUANTUM Intense Pulsed Light machine for the reduction of unwanted hair, which is also suitable for darker skin types. IPL delivers a broad spectrum of light rather than one wavelength of light. This allows for greater versatility in the application of treatment.


What does the 30min Consultation include?

An explanation of:

  • How the laser works
  • Hair growth cycle and expected results
  • How many treatments you will need
  • Go through any contraindications and After-care instructions

Our Dermal clinicians have graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree specialising in Clinic Dermal Therapies.

Our extensive experience using laser technology will provide you with the best possible outcome and ensure safety.

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Tuesday 10am - 6.30pm
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